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New Employee Induction Course
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TYPE Online Curriculum


Welcome to the New Employee Induction Course. This course aims to equip new employees with the knowledge, competence and attitude to work efficiently in their new role.



Each topic is delivered using online content.There are Six Topics in total:


Topic 1:  Introduction to Hardware Retailing in Ireland

Topic 2:  Things I Need to Know on Day One

Topic 4:  Basics of Merchandising

Topic 5:  Customer Service and Up-Selling

Topic 6:  Housekeeping in Your Store

Topic 7:  Introduction to Health, Safety and Welfare

You will be required to successfully complete a number of on-line tests in Topics 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Just like any training course, you will need to take notes whilst you study each topic to prepare you for the Topic Assessments.

There are a number of documents for you to download and complete, located in the Content section.  Download these and print them off before beginning your study.

Good Luck!

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